Located in the north of block 13/23c, Serenity was discovered by i3 Energy in November 2019 with well 13/23c-10, providing confirmation of i3’s sub-regional subsurface model. It is located between the producing Captain field, to the west, and the undeveloped Tain field immediately to the east.

Well 13/23c-10 encountered a 20ft thick oil-bearing sand (11ft TVT) unit at the top of the Lower Cretaceous Captain sequence. The reservoir quality was high, with porosities averaging 24.5% and oil samples, recovered by wireline, having an API of 31.5°, suggesting that they are very similar to the oil in the Tain and Blake fields. The Serenity reservoir is a pinch-out of the Captain sands against the southern margin of the Halibut Horst, analogous to the Tain and Blake Flank. The sand has 11ft TVT at the 13/23c-10 well and thickens toward the west reaching 115ft TVT in the 13/23a-7z well immediately adjacent to Serenity’s western closure.

The maximum expected oil column of Serenity is 1124ft TVD, from the highest known oil in Tain to the Blake-Liberator-Serenity common OWC, matching i3’s pre-drill predictions and supported by well 13/23c-10 pressure measurements.

On the basis of information recovered from the 13/23c-10 well, i3 retains its pre-drill P50 estimate of 197 MMbbls STOIIP. Ahead of drilling, i3 extended Dolphin Drilling’s contract to cover at least two appraisal wells on Serenity plus a sidetrack on each well, contingent on drilling outcomes. In tandem, i3 also agreed Dolphin will earn up to a 10% economic interest in Block 13/23c via a Net Revenue Sharing Agreement.

Serenity Hydrocarbon Migration Video