Located in Blocks 13/23d and 13/23c, Liberator was discovered by Dana Petroleum in November 2013 with well 13/23d-8. It is immediately adjacent to the Blake Field and only 2 km from Blake’s producing drill centre.

Liberator was found to have 24-feet of net pay at the top of a 316-foot thick high-quality Lower Cretaceous Captain Sands reservoir with super-high permeability greater than 2 Darcy’s. The reservoir was fully logged with extensive fluid sampling and PVT analysis proving the 30.3° API, 1.9 cP discovery shared similar fluid properties as the immediately adjacent Blake Field.

Post the 2019 Liberator 13/23c-11 well, i3 has re-mapped the entire Liberator structure using new seismic data and believes there is sizeable exploration upside in higher relief opportunities in the west of the structure and the Minos High.

The above table and map are presented to clarify the location of the respective resources ascribed by i3’s management to the Liberator trend, and the contemplated phasing of appraisal and development.

There is capacity for a small Liberator Phase I development of up to 3 wells across the Bleo Holm FPSO.